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Getting Past Godlessness?

Like most atheists, I like to keep track of other non-believers by surfing the web in search of people with irreligious ideas. Oh sure, there's the Internet Infidels (been there, seen ALL that). Where oh where can I find some original atheist thinking?

I found it, original atheist thinking, that is, earlier this month at a groovy online column entitled Further Than Atheism. Yeah, I know, the title is a bit odd, and it sounds like some kind of clumsy Catholic attempt to lure in unsuspecting heathens to hear The Word, but it's not.

Further Than Atheism is a really original group of essays that encourage non-theists to stretch their disbelief to incorporate some positive kinds of attention. This column represents the maturation of an atheist into something that contributes to the betterment of the world, not just running away from reactionary religious authorities, but turning them a blind eye and getting on with life.

In case none of this makes sense to you, this here constitutes a recommendation, you hear?

I also think that there's a funny kind of attitude to be found in this new blog out there that's called advice from God

This message brought to you by
The Southern Atheist Convention

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