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Americans Unite Against Bush!

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In the time that he has occupied the White House, George W. Bush has turned out to be a divider, not a uniter. George W. Bush has shown a lack of leadership so profound that even the sympathy he exploited after September 11 has been completely depleted.

Our Mission

Once, the global community stood in cooperation with the United States. Now, under the leadership of George W. Bush, the United States has become a pariah nation. The world is united against Bush's government. George W. Bush has become the most feared and hated man on the face of the Earth today.

When George W. Bush first took occupation of the White House, the American economy was the strongest it had ever been. Americans were working and gathering wealth. Now, Americans are being fired by the corporations that put Bush into the White House. Americans are being fired from their jobs by the hundreds of thousands every month. With the encouragement of Bush's White House, corporations are forcing the workers that remain to take huge pay cuts. George W. Bush has transformed the largest budget surplus into the largest deficit in history.

Under the leadership of George W. Bush, the United States has been brought to the brink of both moral and financial bankruptcy.

Becoming a Member

Visit one of the following web sites to find out what you can do to help rid the United States of George W. Bush:

Magniloquence Against War

United For Peace

Democratic Party

United For Peace

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Americans who care about their country can no longer stand by and allow George W. Bush to play politics with people's fears. We are turning off our cable television news, putting on our hiking boots, and taking to the streets to defend our freedoms and our livelihoods from the predations of George W. Bush.

We call upon all Americans to join us, to stand up George W. Bush, the most dangerous politician America has ever known!

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George W. Bush is bad for America. It is time for him to go.